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METRANS Mentor Program Now Accepting Applications

Sunday, October 15, 2017

by By Yang Deng, USC Viterbi MSCE, Transportation, 2018


Are you wondering how best to pursue a career in transportation? Are you struggling with your work or school environment?  Are you wondering how professionals find success?  Would you like a mentor?  If so, we are pleased to invite you to join the METRANS Mentor Program.

The METRANS Mentor Program pairs students and professionals interesting in or currently pursuing a career in the transportation field. Since 2011, the METRANS Mentor Program has matched more than 100 students with mentors, and continually receives positive feedback from both students and the professionals.

METRANS Mentor Program aims to facilitate connections between education and industry, focusing on creating a comfortable atmosphere to for professional advice and practical career guidance, connecting students to a network of different professionals, engineers, and professors from engineering, planning, logistics, policy and other fields.

The METRANS Mentor Program is now accepting applications. Please contact METRANS Associate Director Victoria Deguzman at [email protected] or METRANS Student Mentor Program Coordinator, Yang Deng at [email protected] with any questions, or to become a mentee or mentor.   


About the Author: Yang Deng

Author Yang Deng is a graduate student majoring in Transportation Engineering at USC. He joined METRANS as a student assistant in 2016 and in addition to the mentor program, heads up the graphic and design efforts of the METRANS student team.  He also works at KENDALL Planning + Design as an assistant planner. Deng holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, and is particularly interested in data visualization, infographics, and using design methods solve traffic problems. He can be reached at [email protected].