Advisory Council

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Advisory Council


Members of the PSR Advisory Council include representatives from state DOTs, MPOs, local governments, tribal organizations, transportation service providers, non-profit organizations, and the goods movement industry. The Advisory Council provides overall policy guidance to the PSR Center and helps to support its fundraising and development efforts. We seek members who support our mission; are engaged in our research, education, and outreach; and who will help us to achieve our goals of excellence, national and international prominence, and real world problem solving. 




Stephanie Ramirez

Associate State Director of Community


John Halikowski

Dianne Kresich (Alt)


Research Center Manager

Arizona Department of Transportation

Jeanie Ward-Waller

Deputy Director, Planning & Modal Programs


Dave Wessel


Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization

Jade Butay


Hawaii Department of Transportation

Jon Nouchi

Deputy Director

Honolulu's Department of Transportation Services

Lauren Armstrong

Executive Director

Maui County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Sondra Rosenberg

Assistant Director, Planning

Nevada Department of Transportation

Amanda Eaken

Director of Transportation, American Cities Climate Challenge


Alvin Au

Kiana Otsuka (Alt)

Executive Director

Transportation Planner

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization

Farhad Moghimi

Executive Director

Pima Association of Governments

Allison Yoh

Director of Transportation Planning

Port of Long Beach

Brian Hoeft

Director (FAST)

RTC Southern Nevada

Darin Chidsey

Executive Director

Southern California Association of Governments

Dave Stumpo

Executive Director Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (SCRTTC)