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MetroFreight Presentations at 2015 International Urban Freight Conference (I-NUF)

Friday, November 13, 2015

More than 20 MetroFreight researchers gave presentations at the 2015 International Urban Freight Conference on October 21-23, 2015, in Long Beach, California. The conference was established in 2006 and is held every two years. Organized by the METRANS Transportation Center, the purpose of I-NUF is to provide a forum for multidisciplinary research on all aspects of urban freight. The presentations are as follows:

Mehrdad Aliasgari: A Cost-Effective Smartphone Solution for Traffic Management in Marine Ports

Omer Benli: Supply Chain Planning Models under Possible Job Actions

Adrien Beziat: A Comprehensive View of Goods Transport Systems - Typology and Analysis of Delivery Tours in the Paris Region

Adrien Beziat: Modeling the Effect of Congestion on Passenger and Freight Transport in the Paris Region, using OD Matrices for Freight and Passenger

Chin Chang: Investigation of Machine Learning for Countermeasure of Radioactive Material Smuggling

Quanquan Chen: Commercial Vehicle Parking Availability and Behavior for Residential Delivery in New York City

Alison Conway: Human-Powered Cargo Cycle Operations and Impacts: Lessons from Paris and New York

Alison Conway: Urban Freight in a Multi-Modal City: Curb Space Demand and Usage in New York

Laetitia Dablanc: How Do Planning Practitioners Address Freight Transport and Logistics Sprawl? Case Study in Los Angeles

Laetitia Dablanc: Impacts of Environmental Access Restrictions on Freight Delivery Activities: The Example of Low Emission Zones in Europe

Lunce Fu: Dispatching Trains through Double Track Rail System Under Exact Travel Time Estimation

Peter Hall and Thomas O’Brien: Trucking Regulation as a Critical Supply Chain Asset in Port Complexes

Adeline Heitz: Urban Integration of the Warehouses in Metropolitan Areas: The Case of the Randstad (Netherlands) and Paris (France)

Sanggyun Kang: Unraveling Warehousing Decentralization Trends in U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Shui Lam: Tracking Truck Flows with Programmable Mobile Devices for Drayage Efficiency Analysis

Jee-Sun Lee: Using OD Estimation Techniques to Identify Parcel Freight Determinants and Improve the Parcel Delivery Services in Korea

Eleonora Morganti: Financial and Non-Financial Incentives to Foster the Adoption of Electric Vans in Paris

Nathan Hutson: Examining Tradeoffs Between Drayage Costs, Travel Time Reliability and Warehousing Costs in Determining Warehouse Locations in Relation to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Tianjiao Qiu: The Impact of Freight Modes and Geographic Segment Sales Concentration on Financial Performance of International Transportation Firms

Jean-Paul Rodrigue: The Freight Landscape: Convergence and Divergence in Urban Freight Distribution

Yihuan (Ethan) Shao: A Hybrid Heuristic Method for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Truck Routing Problems with Fueling StationsVarun Sharma: Energy Scavenging Using Piezoelectric Sensors to Power in Pavement Intelligent Vehicle Detection Systems

Seiji Steimetz: On Using Standard Values of Time in Project Appraisal: Income Equity vs. Preference Equity

Qian Wang: An Empirical Investigation of Parking Violation Behavior of Commercial Vehicles in New York City

Qian Wang: Geography of Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing: Analyses and Findings from Six Metropolitan Areas in the United States

Quan Yuan: Location of Warehouses and Environmental Justice

Yihang Zhang: Highway Traffic Flow Control with High Volume of Trucks

Yanbo Zhao: Evaluation of Traffic Light Priority for Trucks on Traffic Flow

Yanbo Zhao: Positive Train Control with Active Communication System

Han Zou: A Look-ahead Solution Framework for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem

Spotlight Panel 2 - Teaching Freight: innovative Academic Programs to Prepare the Next Generation of Urban Freight Professionals: Alison Conway, Anne Goodchild, Barbara Ivanov, Märta Brolinson, Ohilbert Wong, Seckin Ozkul, Sönke Behrends, and Violeta Roso