News | Meet METRANS Student Team Member Timothy Labounko

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by Emily Ng, Master of Urban Planning, USC Price

Timothy Labounko is a METRANS student assistant, serving as a member of the Research Team, Strategy Team, and Newsletter Team and is a second-year undergraduate student at USC majoring in Urban Studies/Planning with a minor in Spatial Studies and Computer Programming. In addition to his work with METRANS, he serves as a GIS research assistant for the USC Center of Economic Development, an executive board member of USC’s chapter of ITE, and is a student athlete on the USC Men’s Rowing Team. 


Timothy Labounko, Urban Studies/Planning, USC


Labounko has been interested in public transit for much of his life. At a young age, he would ask his mother to ride buses and trains for fun, as he recalls, “by the time I was 5 years old, I probably took the entirety of the Boston subway system.” While riding transit, Labounko loved to observe riders from different backgrounds commuting to different places. “You always learn something when you take public transit, and I still do,” says Labounko.


Labounko committed to USC in high school after learning about METRANS and the university's strong transportation programs. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has enjoyed learning about and riding a new transit system. During his time with METRANS, Labounko cites his involvement in planning the “Build a Better World with GIS” event as most memorable. In August 2021, METRANS organized the event, which exposed local high school students to geographic information systems (GIS) with a specific focus on transportation. Labounko is grateful for all he has learned about University Transportation Consortiums (UTCs) like METRANS, and the students, alumni, and professionals he has met through his Student Assistant position. 


Labounko hopes to leverage his background in urban planning, spatial studies, and computer programming to pursue a progressive degree at USC in spatial data science. He is also considering a PhD program in urban planning with a concentration in urban analytics and transportation. As a personal long-term goal, he hopes to learn more about public transportation and work with systems across the globe. 


About the author:

Emily Ng is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student at USC Price School of Public Policy with a concentration in Environmental Planning and Analysis. In addition to writing for the News, she serves on the METRANS Student News Team as the Opportunities Editor. She is passionate about sustainable and equitable mobility options.