News | Meet METRANS Digital Media Lead, Ben Ephraim

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by Tim Labounko, USC, B.S. Urban Studies and Planning

Let’s start with a little about you!

My name is Ben Ephraim. I am a second year Film and Television Production Major in the School of Cinematic Arts at USC.  I have the privilege of leading the student Digital Media Team at METRANS.  We produce video and photographs for the METRANS Consortium and its various subcenters.  Some examples of our work are the video banners on the website (my team not only produced the video banners but actually took the footage); original photography used in our news, on our and website; and the award-winning student videos showcased on our website – just to name a few things.


Ben Ephraim, School of Cinematic Arts at USC


What made you interested in working for the METRANS student team?

I was really interested in how METRANS tries to shine light on and educate others about those in transportation – academics, students, the workforce - and the transportation issues in our community. I wanted to use my skills as a filmmaker and creator to contribute to this effort.  I began last year as a member of the digital media team, and was promoted to lead it this year.


I noticed you are a film major; what is your particular focus?

My goal in filmmaking has always been using media to push social change, something that often parallels what we do at METRANS.


Do you have time for hobbies and extracurriculars?

I am a part of USC's Break on 2, which is a Latin Fusion dance team.


And after graduation?

After graduation I hope to land a job at a studio where I can write and direct for television, and then also explore feature films on the side.


How has your work with METRANS helped you professionally?

METRANS has given me valuable experience in both producing media and in managing a team of student creators and streamlining communication among them.


Are there any awards, achievements, or aspirations you would like to share with us?

I am currently releasing a web series, a sitcom that explores an Asian American experience at a predominantly white institution.


What do you nerd out about most in transportation?

I love electric scooters like Lime and Bird.


About the Author:

Tim Labounko is a second-year student majoring in Urban Studies and Planning at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and minoring in Spatial Studies and Computer Programming. He works as a researcher, writer, and website designer for the METRANS student team.