News | A Chat with METRANS Student Assistant, Aaron Abunu

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by Tim Labounko, USC, B.S. Urban Studies and Planning

What is your major, year, and role at METRANS?

 I am a third year student in architecture, and joined the METRANS FAST Facts research team last semester in the fall. I love reading about research, and this gives me a better reason now to read more about it!


What made you join the METRANS team?

 Urban planning, urban design, and architecture are all very interconnected in real life, but have not been very connected in school. I took this job to learn more about urban planning, being an architect myself, and want to apply planning concepts and this newly acquired planning knowledge into my architectural design.


Aaron Abunu, Bachelor of Architecture, USC


What most interests you in transportation?

 I’m particularly interested in how transportation networks influence urban design, planning and the built environment. Before I took this job, I was already pretty engaged with projects and groups that advocate for making more pedestrian oriented communities. With the current state of climate change in the world, I find it important to figure out how to get America to stop being addicted to cars.


What surprised you when you came to Los Angeles in regards to transportation?

 Before I came to Los Angeles, I heard a lot about the LA Metro system. After being in Los Angeles for a couple of years, I realize that I take LA Metro literally everywhere. I am a frequent user of both rail lines and buses and wish that back in my hometown, Houston, we would have as good of a transit system.


What are you interested in outside of academics in school?

 I have been recently trying to write more, but I have consistently been into making a lot of art, especially drawings and collages. The entire wall in my room is covered in my collages. I am also an avid anime watcher.



About the Author:

Tim Labounko is a second-year student majoring in Urban Studies and Planning at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and minoring in Spatial Studies and Computer Programming. He works as a researcher, writer, and website designer for the METRANS student team.