UC Davis Alum Adam Gromis Talks Uber’s Transformation of Transportation

Saturday, November 25, 2017

by By Nicolette Sarmiento, UC Davis BS Biomedial/Medical Engineering 2018


On November 17, the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis held a seminar sponsored through ITS-Davis’ partnership with METRANS, the Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center. UC Davis alumnus and Uber’s Global Lead on Sustainability and Environmental Impact, Adam Gromis, talked about transforming transportation by moving people with "fewer, fuller, and more efficient vehicles and trips." 

The benefits of such a transformation can include increased mobility access for more communities, new human-centric urban design options, and more livable cities. Through shared mobility companies that promote fewer trips with more passengers in electric vehicles, Gromis suggested we can significantly increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Uber began collecting movement data from anonymous point-to-point trips to share with urban planners in the hope of finding the average movement time to create a more sustainable future for transportation.

Gromis graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and materials science, and went on to earn his MBA and MPA from New York University. After graduation, he spent seven years engaged in efforts to commercialize zero emission vehicle technologies with positions at the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the California Air Resources Board, and UTC Fuel Cells (a United Technologies Company). Before joining Uber, Gromis spent five years helping investors build impact-investing portfolios with positions at Goldman Sachs Wealth Management, Imprint Capital, and the Global Impact Investing Network, a research and advocacy nonprofit organization.


You can view a recording of Gromis’ talk, "Driving More Sustainable Mobility," which is  a part of ITS-Davis’ weekly seminar series, by clicking on the Video Link at the URL:

About the Author: Nicolette Sarmiento

Nicolette Sarmiento is an undergraduate student studying biomedical engineering with an emphasis in biomechanics at the University of California, Davis. She currently works at the Institute of Transportation Studies at Davis as a News Writer, Photographer, and Social Media Manager. Her true passion lies in research and science writing, which she believes is imperative in interdisciplinary communication. She can be reached at [email protected].

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