MetroFreight Event - The Local/Global Challenge of Urban Freight

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Location: Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris, France
9:00 - 9:20Presentation of the Day, Introduction of the International Project MetroFreight and the Paris Team

Laetitia Dablanc, IFSTTAR, MetroFreight Paris

9:20 - 9:40The Freight Landscape
Genevieve Giuliano, University of Southern California, MetroFreight Los Angeles
9:40 - 10:00E-Commerce and Urban Logistics
Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Hofstra University, MetroFreight New York
10:00 - 10:30Urban Goods Movement Survey in the Paris Region and Its Use by Research
Adrien Beziat, LAET
Mathiue Gardrat, LAET
10:50 - 11:10Logistics Urbanism in the Paris Region
Adeline Heitz, IFFSTAR MetroFreight Pariss
11:10 - 12:15Partners Round-Table: Paris and the Paris Region Challenged by New Freight Issues

Thomas O'Brien,
California State University Long Beach, MetroFreight Los Angeles

Domonique Alba, APUR
Philippe de Clermont-Tonnerre, GATMARIF
Frédéric Delaval, La Poste
Diana Diziain, Afilog
Philippe Gache, CARA
Ghislain Gomart, Métropole du Grand Paris

Hervé Levifve, Mairie de Paris

13:20 - 13:40Electric Delivery Vans
Pierre Camilleri, Renault/IFSTTAR, MetroFreight Paris
13:40 - 14:00Environmental Impacts of Logistics Sprawl in the Paris Region
Martin Koning, IFSTTAR, MetroFreight Paris
14:00 - 14:30

Parcel Deliveries in New York City and Seoul
Presentation - Conway
Presentation - Lee

Alison Conway, City College of New York, MetroFreight New York
Jee-Sun Lee, Korea Transport Institute, MetroFreight Seoul
14:30 - 14:50'Instant Deliveries': Two Surveys on Self-Employed Couriers in Paris
Zacharie Chebance, MetroFreight Paris
14:50 - 15:40First Screening of Documentary Film: 'Making Deliveries in NYC' + debate with the film-maker
Sandrine Wenglenski, University of Paris-East Marne la Vallee