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Research Projects

STATUS: In Progress YEAR: 2023 TOPIC AREA: Freight logistics and optimization Integrating freight and passenger systems Vehicles and infrastructure CENTER: PSR

Route-based Freight Activity Metrics along the California State Highway System through a Pilot Multi Sensor Fusion System

Project Summary

Project number: PSR-23-03 TO 073
Funding source: Caltrans
Contract number: 65A0674
Funding amount: $105,000
Performance period: 1/1/2024 to 12/31/2024

Project description

The objective of this study is to develop and demonstrate a prototype truck tracking system that integrates WIM, ALPR and Inductive Signature-based technologies that can estimate path-based volumes by vehicle categories. The study will leverage several current and upcoming multi-sensor detector testbed locations at I-710 near the Port of Long Beach (ALPR, inductive signature technology), I405 at Van Nuys (WIM, ALPR and inductive signature technology) and SR-60 at Chino (ALPR and inductive signature technology). Trucks may traverse different routes between these locations. Hence, additional standalone inductive signature sites between these multi-sensor sites will serve as intermediate sensor locations to determine route pathways in the development and testing of the proposed truck tracking system. The data from this tracking system will drive a new FML2 dashboard interface that will be developed as a part of this study to display interactive freight activity metrics such as route heatmaps by truck type.


Stephen Ritchie
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
4014 Anteater Instruction & Research BuildingIrvine, CA 92697
United States
[email protected]