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Research Projects

STATUS: In Progress YEAR: 2023 TOPIC AREA: Connected and autonomous systems Freight logistics and optimization CENTER: NCST

Learning Drivers' Utility Functions in a Coordinated Freight Routing System Based on Drivers' Actions

Project Summary

Project number: NCST-22-13 TO 081
Funding source: Caltrans
Contract number65A0686
Total cost: $111,529.00
Performance period: 06/15/2023 to 08/31/2024

Project description

This project explores the probability of developing a centrally coordinated routing system for trucks. Such a system works in a way that prioritizes the maximizing of the system instead of lowering the individual cost, and balances the latter to be close or less than the user equilibrium cost with the use of monetary incentives. To study the potential of having such a system, it is vital to take into account what truck drivers actually do. Therefore, the project develops a method for estimating the utility functions of truck drivers based on their response to a centrally coordinated routing system that they are participating. Additionally, the project evaluates the impact of assumed wrong utility functions that could be viewed as non-compliance on the system optimum cost. To provide a context, centrally coordinated routing system for trucks will provide routing instructions based on optimizing the system rather than minimizing the individual cost. This distinction will allow for the efficient balancing of the individual cost. To reach the above-mentioned goals (developing a method and evaluating the impact), the project uses: (1) synthetic data and available testbed for a good control over the ongoing traffics, and (2) sensitivity analysis for testing the accuracy impact. 


Petros Ioannou
Professor of Electrical Engineering Systems, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering; USC Viterbi School of Engineering
3740 McClintock Avenue
Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) 200BLos Angeles, CA 90089-2562
United States
[email protected]