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Research Projects

STATUS: Complete YEAR: 2020 TOPIC AREA: Public transit, land use, and urban mobility Transportation planning, policy, and finance CENTER: PSR

A Before-After Intervention Experiment and Survey

Project Summary

Project number: PSR-20-15
Funding source: US DOT
Contract number: 69A3551747109
Funding amount: $100,000
Performance period: 08/16/20 to 08/15/21

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Project description

In this project, we first develop a strong theoretical model accompanied by data collection to test some of its aspects for behavioral change research. Data collection shifted from the originally planned public transportation intervention to the examination of COVID-19 impacts on the life of Los Angeles Metropolitan area residents. In terms of substantive findings, we verified that in this region as in other parts of the US people experienced loss of jobs, forced relocations, and major changes in working and studying. In terms of the attitude-behavior relationship, we also confirmed the existence of more diversity in attitudinal groups of people with respect to their position towards the private automobile and found that these attitudes are strongly correlated with the use of different modes. The survey design and conceptual model form the foundation for subsequent data collection and analysis based on the pilot examples of this project. A third pilot study within this project is the design of a smartphone application. Guidelines for survey design are provided in this report with a description of an ongoing research effort at UCSB that continues beyond the project reported here.


Konstadinos Goulias
Professor , Geographic Information Science, Transportation
5706 Ellison Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
United States
[email protected]