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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
National Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure 17-03 Hilda Blanco Transit-Oriented Development Opportunities Among Failing Malls
METRANS Infrastructure 09-13 Chin Chang

Fiber-Optic Smart Structures for Monitoring and Managing the Health of Transportation Infrastructures

METRANS Infrastructure 11-21 Shadi Saadeh

Investigation of Fracture Properties of California Asphalt Concrete Mixtures

METRANS Infrastructure 07-13 Ken James

Dual use of electric utility rights of way by integration of an urban maglev container corridor and gas insulated transmission lines

METRANS Infrastructure 09-17 Suya You, Ulrich Neumann

Rapid Extraction and Updating Road Network to Caltrans Database

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Infrastructure UH-18-42 Oceana Francis Stormwater Management for Transportation Planners and Engineers
METRANS Infrastructure 03-23 James Elliott Moore II

Improved Modeling of Network Transportation Flows

METRANS Infrastructure 03-27 Maria Todorovska, Mihailo Trifunac

Methodology for Probalistic Assessment of Permanent Ground Displacement Across Earthquake Faults for the Transportation System

METRANS Infrastructure 11-25 Tariq Shehab-Eldeen

Cost Estimating Model for Sustainable Rehabilitation of Road Projects

METRANS Infrastructure 06-10 Jefferey Sellers

Sources of Electoral Support for Transportation Funding

METRANS Infrastructure 10-24 Shadi Saadeh

Development of Quality Control Test Procedure for Characterizing Fracture

METRANS Infrastructure 01-03 Hong Leung Wong

Analysis of Vibrations and Infrastructure Deterioration Caused by High-Speed Rail Transit

METRANS Infrastructure 09-26 Cyrus Shahabi

A Geospatial Framework for Dynamic Route Planning Using Congestion Prediction in Transportation Systems

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Infrastructure MT-18-04 Marlon Boarnet Measuring Accessibility Changes for Households Moving Away from Rail Transit Areas
METRANS Infrastructure 03-06 Fernando Ordonez

Robust Investment Decisions for Highway Capacity

METRANS Infrastructure 01-10 Erik Johnson

Smart Damping for Monitoring the Health of Bridge Structures

Caltrans Infrastructure Genevieve Giuliano Public-Private Partnerships in California - Phase 1, Report 1: Section 5
National Center for Sustainable Transportation Urban Mobility 16-01 Petros Ioannou Intelligent Parking Assist for Trucks with Prediction
METRANS Urban Mobility 99-22 Tridib Banerjee

Highway Oriented Transit System (HOTS): A Comprehensive Land Use-Transportation Strategy to Improve Transit Service Deliver

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-12 Tridib Banerjee

Freeway Bus Station Area Development: Critical Evaluation and Design Guidelines