2013 Town Hall Video

CSULB's Advanced Media Productions (AMP) developed an informational video that set the stage for the 2013 CITT Town Hall.

2013 Town Hall video, "Efficiency and Competitiveness: Securing Cargo and Jobs"

The video that was developed for the 2013 CITT Town Hall, Efficiency & Competitiveness: Securing Cargo and Jobs, set the stage for the event. An efficient, fast and reliable supply chain means more cargo. More cargo means more jobs. But supply chains are complex; and efficiency for one stakeholder may mean costs for another. This video looks at some of the solutions proposed by industry, government, and the community, the success, and the challenges that remain. The video ties directly to the webcast of the forum, available at www.amp.csulb.edu/ccpe/citt.

The video is now available for purchase for $25 (by check or credit card) which includes shipping.  It is in DVD format. For orders and additional information, contact us by e-mail or phone: alix.traver@csulb.edu or (562) 985-2876.

Also available for viewing is a short promotional video made to advertise the 2013 CITT Town Hall.

2013 Town Hall promotional video