Location: UC Davis - 1605 Tilia, Room 1103, West Village

Equity, Justice and Sociocultural Research on Bicycling TransportationĀ 

Sarah McCullough

Associate Director
Feminist Research Institute, UC Davis


This talk explores how bicycle transportation research planning, policy, and advocacy may better account for complex sociocultural forces, including gender, class, and race. Drawing on a large body of sociocultural research on bicycling from diverse fields such as anthropology, sociology, geography, communications, and cultural studies, which are generally not in conversation with bicycle transportation planning, policy, and advocacy. These fields have complex models capable of addressing the complexity of identity, the innerworkings of power in society, and the nature of inequity. The review focused on culling findings that could speak to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in bicycling transportation. These findings coalesced into four recommendations for researching and promoting bicycling as a mode of everyday transportation. The concept of mobility justice will also be introduced as a model for transportation equity research.

Biographical Sketch

Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, PhD is the Associate Director of the Feminist Research Institute, a Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies and an affiliate of the Institute for Transportation Studies at UC Davis. She is conducting sociocultural research on mobility justice and transportation equity, particularly as it relates to sustainable and active transportation. Areas of expertise involve the influence of culture on science and technology, with a focus on technological innovation. She is finishing a book on the role of privilege, pleasure and the appropriate technology movement on the innovation of mountain biking.

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