Location: RGL 215 and Online

Spring 2023 Research Seminar on Wednesday, April 12th.



12:00 - 01:00 PM



RGL 215 and Online



Saksith Chalermpong, Ph.D. in Transportation


Recording is available now, view here


Ride-hailing services in Southeast Asia (SEA) are distinctive from those operated in North America and Europe in that, in addition to the standard car-based ride-hailing services, motorcycles and other informal motorized vehicles are widely used by ride-hailing services in developing Southeast Asian cities. In this seminar, findings from completed and on-going research on ride-hailing applications in SEA are presented. First, the literature review identifies relevant research on ride- hailing services in SEA, focusing on key results regarding behavioral impacts of RHA and their implications on sustainable mobility policy. Secondly, empirical findings from completed research on RHA in Bangkok will be summarized and discussed, including the characteristics of car vs motorcycle RHA users and their travel behaviors, users’ satisfaction of RHA service quality, and the influence of the RHA usage on the car ownership and purchasing intention. Finally, preliminary comparative results of impacts of RHA on sustainable mobility in Bangkok, Hanoi, and Manila will be presented, including travel mode substitution, travel behavioral changes, and car ownership decision.


Biographical Sketch

Saksith Chalermpong is Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, where he teaches transportation engineering, planning, and policy. He also serves as Deputy Director of Chulalongkorn University Transportation Institute. His research interests include urban mobility, public and informal transportation, and sustainable transportation. He has published extensively in the field of transportation and has provided expert advice on important public issues to several government agencies in Thailand, including Department of Land Transport, Office of Transport Planning and Policy, and Bangkok Mass Transit Authority. Dr. Chalermpong received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Chulalongkorn University, his master’s degree from MIT, and his doctoral degree from UC Irvine, both in the field of transportation.


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