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3 Revolutions Conference

Monday, February 26, 2018

Location: 232 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616

Transformative changes are coming to our world of passenger transportation—with the promise of huge energy, environmental, and social benefits. The 3 Revolutions in vehicle sharing, automation and electrification could provide our best shot at a transportation do-over, allowing an opportunity to right the errors of the environmental and social impacts of 20th century transportation. But this will require new and strategic thinking across sectors. The shared-use revolution, with the promise of low-cost travel, greater access for mobility-disadvantaged travelers, and less vehicle use, is promising but also elusive.

On February 26-27, 2018 the 3 Revolutions Policy Conference will assemble leading transportation experts and leaders to explore how we can steer shared, electric, and automated technologies and services to a better future. Join us in moving beyond hype and hostility in considering how we can anticipate—rather than react to—environmental, economic, and social challenges and opportunities.

The first 200 participants to register will receive a pre-release copy of the Professor Daniel Sperling’s new book, Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future, set for publication in March 2018.

Registration Information

General Registration is open through Feb 2, after which time last minute registration will remain open until either the conference begins or sells out. During the last minute registration ticket prices will increase $50 for all ticket types.

Current General Registration Rates

  • $350 General Admission
  • $150 Discounted nonprofit, academic or government

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