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Research Projects

STATUS: Complete YEAR: 2018 TOPIC AREA: Public transit, land use, and urban mobility Sustainability, energy, and health CENTER: PSR

California Climate Change Target Setting: A Workshop Report and Recommendations to the State of California Based on the Third California Climate Policy Modeling Dialogue and Workshop

Project Summary

Project number: UCD-18-23

Funding source: USDOT

Contract number: 69A3551747109

Funding amount: $24,806

Start and end dates: August 1, 2018 ? January 31, 2019


Project descriptionCalifornia has a range of existing and proposed targets toward a low carbon future. This paper summarizes an analytical review, focused on modeling approaches and what is known about their feasibility and cost. The findings in this paper are based on the Climate Change Policy Modeling (CCPM) forum, which included modelers, policy makers and stakeholders evaluating targets and pathways to low-carbon futures and identifying required policies to achieve goals. The third forum, CCPM-3, was on May 14th, 2018, at the University of California, Davis and provided critical discussion and a gathering of the key experts in this topic area This report builds on the findings of CCPM and integrates with other literature where possible. It includes a review of the CO2-relevant targets, discussion of studies and modeling efforts to assess meeting such targets, including feasibility and cost. This includes analysis in the transportation and energy sectors, as well as land use and carbon sequestration.


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