Webinar: Addressing Congestion and Delays Caused by Freight

May 23, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

May 30, 2017  1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Jose Marquez-Chavez, Chief, Freight Planning Branch, Office of Freight Planning, Division of Transportation Planning, Caltrans

Genevieve Giuliano, Professor, Director of METRANS Transportation Center, University of Southern California

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Nov 18
2015 I-NUF Talking Freight

Speaker: Sönke Behrends of Chalmers University of Technology
The Dualism of Urban Freight Distribution: City vs. Suburban Logistics

Speaker: Sanggyun Kang of University of Southern California
Unraveling Decentralization of Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Speaker: Quan Yuan of University of Southern California
Location of Warehouses and Environmental Justice


Questions & Answers

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May 20, June 3, and June 17, 2011

This free three-part webinar series was a follow-up on key questions raised during the October 6, 2010, CITT Point/ Counterpoint forum, 'Panama Canal Expansion: The Battle for Jobs and Cargo--Who Wins? Who Loses? Who Decides?'

May 20
How Shippers Choose Ports

Introduction by Dr. Thomas O'Brien, CSULB/ CITT
Speaker:  Joey Carnes, MIQ Logistics
Key Questions: How much is there to lose?  What is at risk?  What do decision makers value?

Recording of May 20 taping

June 3
Is Southern California Competitive?

Speaker:  Fran Inman, Majestic Realty Co. and California Trade Commission
Key Question: How have the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach addressed competition issues?

Recording of June 3 taping

June 17
Challenges Ahead

Speakers:  John McLaurin, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association and Richard Steinke, Port of Long Beach
Key Questions:  What are the issues and challenges to be addressed?  What are the obstacles?
Conclusion by Dr. Thomas O'Brien, CSULB/CITT

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Recording of June 17 taping

Moderator: Mat Kaplan, CSULB/CCPE

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Email alix.traver@csulb.edu or call 562-985-2872