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Welcome to the METRANS Goods Movement Timeline. This is a searchable timeline of activities tied to goods movement, logistics and international trade based upon items from the popular press.

Given our location and the importance of this region as an international trade gateway, many of the entries pertain to Southern California. We do however draw from state and national press as well. Some articles' links may have expired, or you may have to pay a fee or register on the Web site where they originally appeared to access the complete article. Our goal however is to provide the researcher with enough information to track significant events over time as they have occurred in key areas like legislation, finance, and security.

This timeline grew out of timelines initially developed for METRANS research projects in the area of goods movement. Earlier entries (before 2005) were therefore not prepared with a searchable database in mind and will be less detailed. We hope, however, that they remain a useful resource.


Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, and large companies met with President Biden today to secure commitments to better utilize extended gate hours to move historic volumes of cargo ahead of the holiday season.

Port of LA to go to 24/7 operations, Biden announces

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday morning, Oct. 13, that the Port of Los Angeles will begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, continuing months-long efforts from the White House and trade officials to clear supply chain disruptions that threaten the holiday shopping season and the nation's economic recovery from the pandemic.

Why shipping snarl will be costly for merchants, holiday shoppers

As shipping costs skyrocket, the pressure is on for merchants and shoppers as the holiday season looms.

Port of Long Beach chief says cargo will continue to grow as solutions are sought

The supply chain issues that have given rise to a visible sea of congestion at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach should prompt both trade hubs to think ahead in terms of infrastructure.

Global Supply-Chain Problems Escalate, Threatening Economic Recovery

Component shortages, surging prices of raw materials and transportation backups compound the bottlenecks

LA Councilwoman calls for importers to use zero-emission ships at the ports by 2030

The Ports of LA and Long Beach both have zero-emission goals, and so do international container shipping companies.

How 20 workers keep cargo ships from crashing off Southern California

Supply chain woes mean a record number of cargo vessels wait off the Southern California coast. One might have been part of the spill off Huntington Beach.

California Trucking Association's AB 5 lawsuit still pending with Supreme Court

Despite published reports Tuesday, the California Trucking Association's case against California's restrictive AB 5 independent contractor law is still pending with the U.S. Supreme Court.

How the LA Ports Plan to Ease Congestion Ahead of Holiday Shopping

Mounting pressure over blocked supply chains continues as the holiday season creeps ever closer. While Long Beach and LA ports have made changes to combat high traffic, some are skeptical that the changes will solve the issue as a whole.

Truckers make the world go round. Invisible truths you didn't know about trucking in America

What's the journey of all the goods we consume? Trucking is dangerous, difficult and in demand. Here's the story behind an industry on the cusp of major technological change.

Start date for 24/7 operations at Port of LA still not set as 62 ships wait along the coast

There is no firm timetable in place yet for the Port of Los Angeles to go to 24/7 operations, Executive Director Gene Seroka said Thursday, Oct. 14.

Christmas at risk as supply chain disaster? only gets worse

It's the beginning of October, just the start of what the retail world simply calls peak. But the industry is already in various forms of panic that usually don't take hold until the weeks before Christmas.

Port of Los Angeles Stops Short of 24-Hour Operations, Unlike Long Beach

Gateway's director says truckers, other operators must first ramp up their overnight, weekend work as inbound containers swamp U.S. supply chains.

Port of Long Beach launches pilot program to extend gate hours

Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T, in the Port of Long Beach, has implemented the pilot hours Mondays through Thursdays.

Huge backup of ships bringing more pollution to LA, Long Beach-area port communities

Emissions reports are coming this fall for both ports that will provide a look at how congestion in the latter half of 2020 impacted air emissions.

Port of Long Beach: Pier T terminal begins pilot program for 24-hour cargo pickup

Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours in a new pilot program to widen access and speed deliveries amid the ongoing cargo surge.


Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours in a new pilot program to widen access and speed deliveries amid the ongoing cargo surge.

Truckers, longshore workers to clock more hours as LA, Long Beach ports try to reduce cargo backlog

The plan, dubbed Accelerate Cargo, was formulated with input from supply chain stakeholders and the U.S. Department of Transportation, along with both ports, which serve as a national gateway for incoming goods from Asia.

Supply chain crunch offers opportunity for Seattle

The supply chain is now as visible as the dozen container ships anchored in Puget Sound last week, waiting for terminal space to unload their cargo, or the stacks of shipping containers some of them loaded with goods piling up at the ports of Tacoma and Seattle. With the holiday season around the corner, things are expected to get worse before they get better. But these short-term challenges can lead to long-term opportunities for the region.

Do your holiday shopping now, toy executive says, as port congestion continues in LA, Long Beach

A surge in cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has caused logistical challenges that could cause shortages ahead of the holidays.