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Transportation Plans: Their Informational Content and Use Patterns in Southern California

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While a large amount of efforts have been devoted to making and updating local transportation plans, little is known about the informational contents of these plans and their use patterns. To fill this gap in the transportation planning literature and practice, the proposed research will investigate how local transportation plans are made and used by government agencies and other stakeholders with a focus on the importance of consistency/cooperation and responsiveness to new technologies. More specifically, the project will conduct (i) a plan content analysis of the circulation and land use elements of eight municipalities’ recently adopted general plans, (ii) a plan use survey to determine how informational (both factual and visionary) contents of these plans have been used by various user groups, and (iii) statistical analyses of plan use patterns to better understand the variation in plan use. Results will be interpreted in a way to provide new insights into the nature of current transportation plan making/using processes and meaningful recommendations to support ongoing efforts to promote more systematic integration of plans (between agencies and topics) and wider use of plan information.

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In progress



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Urban Mobility

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Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Public Policy
University of California Irvine

Funding Source: UC ITS Mobility Research Program (SB1)

Funding Amount: $51,031.00

Start and End Dates: January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020