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Stormwater Management for Transportation Planners and Engineers

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This proposal corresponds to Theme 3: Improving Resilience and Protecting the Environment, Topic 3-3 (Resiliency on extreme weather events, best practices on storm water management for highway engineering and planning, and emergency operations) and 3-4 (Lessons learned for transportation resiliency from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico). The purpose of this project is to conduct research on stormwater management for transportation planners and traffic engineers. It focuses on both sudden, heavy rainfall and extreme events such as what occurred recently in Kauai as well as on Kauai’s North Shore and in many other cities such as Houston, as well from the catastrophic flooding which occurred in Puerto Rico. In addition to these episodic events, the project will also consider the implications of climate change and changing environmental conditions which affect the potential for flooding, landslides, and other disruptions to roadway systems and communities. The objective is to develop a three-hour training course marketed to transportation planners, highway engineers, law enforcement, and others involved in managing traffic and implementing hazard mitigation and climate adaptation strategies. In addition to the training workshop, the research is expected to lead to journal articles and conference presentations, as well as provide educational and training opportunities for students and transportation professionals. The principal investigator is a licensed engineer and will work to disseminate the results and promote training and engagement with the professional engineering community. 

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Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Hawaii Manoa
2424 Maile Way
Saunders Hall 445
Honolulu, HI 96822
United States

Funding Source: USDOT

Funding Amount: $25,200

Start and End Date: September 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019