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A Primer on Coastal Transportation System Resilience and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise on Oahu Using Living Shorelines and Green Infrastructure

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Oahu’s coastal hazards include accelerating erosion, sea level rise, groundwater inundation, and coastal storms that threaten roadways, buildings, landscapes, and other infrastructure. This proposal strives to create a resilience decision-support tool for coastal transportation systems.  The project’s objectives are to create a primer on coastal protection, resiliency, and adaptation to sea level rise and coastal storms in economically and socially important locations on Oahu.  The primer will aid decision-making by presenting applicable strategies with explanatory graphics, and relevant precedent example projects. Three prototypical contexts with coastal roadways will be explored:

  1. A future densely-developed TOD location: Kapalama/Iwilei
  2. A current densely-developed coastal community and economic engine: Waikiki
  3. A recreationally significant rural coastal community location: Sunset beach area on the North Shore of Oahu

In each area, living shorelines and green infrastructure will be examined for their potential to protect transportation ways and ease of implementation. In addition, this study will present ideas to enable the areas to maintain operations during and after flooding from coastal storms and sea level rise.

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Safety, Security, & Vulnerability

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Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
University of Hawaii, Manoa
1899 University Ave
Honolulu, HI 96822
United States

Funding source: USDOT

Funding amount: $20,000

Start and end dates: 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018