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STATUS: In Progress YEAR: 2019 TOPIC AREA: Public transit, land use, and urban mobility Transportation planning, policy, and finance CENTER: PSR

Measuring Accessibility Changes for Households Moving Away from Rail Transit Areas

Project Summary

Funding source: Caltrans

Funding amount: $100,000

Contract number: 65A0674 TO 002

Start and end dates: 2/1/2019 to 3/31/2020


Project description


The debate about displacement and rail transit has become a first-order policy issue. We will examine an overlooked question: When households move away from rail transit neighborhoods (maybe due to displacement, maybe voluntarily), how does their job access change? Nothing is known about this topic, beyond the basic fact, from our earlier research, that approximately 25-30% of low-income residents in Los Angeles? rail neighborhoods move every year. Understanding how those household moves relate to job access will importantly inform our concept of the social welfare implications of moves away from rail transit neighborhoods and the way that residential moving patterns relate to the overall effectiveness of the transportation system. We will measure how accessibility changes for households who move away from rail transit areas in order to assess whether such moves result in a loss in transit access to potential employment opportunities. Using an innovative dataset on households? locations and incomes in Los Angeles County, we will leverage a new tool to compute 30- and 60-minute transit travel sheds to jobs for both origin and destination neighborhoods. We will give specific attention to access changes across the income distribution to understand the equity aspects of residential mobility. The results of this research will be pivotal to current conversations about commuting, employment, housing, and transit investment in regions with large rail transit investments such as Los Angeles County.


Marlon Boarnet
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Professor & Director of Graduate Programs in Urban Planning, Sol Price School of Public Policy
650 Childs Way
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall (RGL) 301CLos Angeles, CA 90089-0626
United States
[email protected]


Gary Painter
Professor, Sol Price School of Public Policy
635 W. Downey Way, VPD 207
Los Angeles, CA 90089-3331
United States
[email protected]