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Efficient Mobility Portfolio schemes for Integrated, Intermodal, and Incentivized Shared Transportation

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This proposal is to study the benefits of a smart mobility portfolio which is a trip planning system integrating multiple travel modes and including an incentive scheme. A smart mobility portfolio can provide timedependent trip plans across multiple modes that include several options  such as sharedcars, sharedrides, bikesharing, bus/rail transit and combinations of travel modes. Four main components of this system are 1) to identify travel options for achieving efficincy under current traffic conditions and supply conditions, 2) to calculate proper amounts of incentive to attract people to choose one of the options, 3) to provide travelers with the best travel options among these alternatives, and 4) to examine the impact of the proposed method to entire transportation systems and to update the parameters in the model. Encouraging  people to change their current travel behavior through the smart mobility portfolio platform, we expect the improvement of traffic network efficiencies and the contribution to ecofriendly environment by reducing traffic congestion. 

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In progress



Topic Area

Urban Mobility

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Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California Irvine

Funding Source: UC ITS Mobility Research Program (SB1)

Funding Amount: $55,201.00

Start and End Dates: January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020