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Davis Amtrak Station Pilot Project Evaluation: Informing Long Term Solutions to the Davis Amtrak Station Access Barriers

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This project will evaluate a pilot project incorporating new mobility, and other multi-modal solutions for first and last-mile access to the Davis Amtrak station. Currently, the Davis station has the third highest passenger usage along the Capitol Corridor and ridership is increasing. However, the parking lot fills up before 6am; thus the parking availability limits potential ridership. The parking lot is not priced and there is limited interest in and ability to add new parking capacity. Therefore, the city is exploring new mobility solutions to improve access to the station, making commuting by train easier, and to enable potential passengers to make their commutes more productive, affordable, and travel-time competitive. Current research is underway to assess the interest in and barriers to the Davis residents using the Capitol Corridor. The current research will inform the implementation of a pilot program to support the use of new mobility options and other modes to access the Davis station. The pilot is expected to include a partnership with on-demand ridehailing, (Uber, Via, etc.) or rideshare (i.e., Carzac, Scoop).

This project will focus on the implementation and evaluation of the multi-modal pilot project, through surveys of residents and passengers to be conducted during and after the implementation of the pilot. It will also include recommendations to the city after the pilot has been completed, whereas the current research will make recommendations to the city for the pilot. The outcomes of this project will also provide planners and transit operators in other locations with useful information related to the implementation and impacts of similar multi-modal access programs.

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In progress



Topic Area

Urban Mobility

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Postdoctoral Scholar, Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Davis

Funding Source: Caltrans

Funding Amount: $66,551

Start and End Date: February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020