5.2a Alternatives to Home Deliveries

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Alternatives to Home Deliveries

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Sustainable Urban Freight

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Post-Doctoral Researcher , Economics
University Paris-Est, IFSTTAR/SPLOTT
14-20 boulevard Newton
Cite Descartes
77447 Marne la Vallee

We have documented the recent development of alternative parcel delivery services to e-shoppers in European large metropolitan areas, and especially in the Paris region. We have described how the operators have decided to organize their PP network, identifying main variables and constraints. We have provided an analysis of PPs spatial distribution in France. The paper shows that at the French national level, PPs are now a well established alternative to home deliveries and their presence covers urban, suburban and rural areas. While PP density in remote areas decreases faster than population density, rural e-consumers' accessibility to PP sites has reached a viable level. Furthermore, delivery services to end-consumers generate new types of B2B freight trips that are not yet included in current urban freight models. This raises important questions about the overall mobility related to e-commerce in urban regions.