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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-05 Phebe Vayanos Socially Optimal Personalized Routing with Preference Learning
METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-09 Tridib Banerjee Institutional Response to Transit Oriented Development in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area: Understanding Local Differences Through the Prism of Density, Diversity, and Design
National Center for Sustainable Transportation Urban Mobility 17-10 Marlon Boarnet Gentrification Near Rail Transit Areas: A Micro-Data Analysis of Moves into Los Angeles Metro Rail Station Areas
METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-11 Mohammad Mozumdar Smart Sensing System for Real-time Automatic Traffic Analysis of Highway Rest Areas
METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-14 Jinwon Kim Estimating the Social Cost of Congestion Using the Bottleneck Model
METRANS UTC Sustainable Urban Freight 17-15 Genevieve Giuliano Economic Competitiveness, Definitions, and Metrics
MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1A Genevieve Giuliano, Laetitia Dablanc, Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Sangbeom Seo

Building the Database

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1B Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Genevieve Giuliano, Laetitia Dablanc, Sangbeom Seo

The Urban Freight Landscape Atlas

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1C Genevieve Giuliano, Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Laetitia Dablanc, Sanggyun Kang

The Urban Freight Landscape

METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 2-1a Maged Dessouky Efficiencies in Freight & Passenger Routing & Scheduling
METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 2-1b Petros Ioannou Design and Evaluation of Impact of Traffic Light Priority for Trucks on Traffic Flow
METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 2-2 Tom O'Brien Mitigating Urban Freight through Effective Management of Truck Chassis
MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.1a Benjamin Miller

Eliminating Trucks for the Collection and Transport of Municipal Solid Waste

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.1b Qian Wang 2.1b Network Analysis of Multimodal Freight Transport System in NYC
MetroFreight Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 2.1c Adeline Heitz

Feasibility of Consolidated Freight Deliveries in Cities; and Alternatives for More Efficient Use of the Road and Parking Space in Cities

MetroFreight Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 2.1d Sangbeom Seo, Chang-Jin Ahn , Jee-Sun Lee

City Logistics Strategies for CBDs Within the Seoul Metropolitan Area

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.1e Tom O'Brien, Seiji S. C. Steimetz Improving Goods-Movement Efficiency with Load-Matching Technology
MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.2a Laetitia Dablanc, Antoine Montenon

Impacts of Environmental Access Restrictions on Freight Delivery Activities, the Example of Low Emission Zones in Europe

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.2c Camille Kamga

Alternatives to Truck Transport for Food Products

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 2.2d Laetitia Dablanc, Pierre Camilleri Electric Vehicles for Last Mile Deliveries