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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-09 Tridib Banerjee Institutional Response to Transit Oriented Development in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area: Understanding Local Differences Through the Prism of Density, Diversity, and Design
METRANS Urban Mobility 99-03 Maged Dessouky

A Task Decomposition Model for Dispatchers in Dynamic Scheduling of Demand Responsive Transit Systems

METRANS Urban Mobility 10-07 Constantinos Sioutas

Measurement and Toxicological Assessment of Population Exposures to Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) in Subways and Light Rail Trains

METRANS Urban Mobility 03-13 Reza Toossi

Hydrogen Storage System For Transportation Applications

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-14 Petros Ioannou

Dynamic Variable Speed Limit Control: Design, Analysis and Benefits

National Center for Sustainable Transportation Urban Mobility HF-01 Genevieve Giuliano Is Los Angeles Becoming Transit Oriented?
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-17-02 Petros Ioannou Integrated Traffic Flow Control in a Connected Network
METRANS Urban Mobility 00-07 Reza Toossi

Adsorption Air-Conditioning for Containership and Vehicles

METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-11 Mohammad Mozumdar Smart Sensing System for Real-time Automatic Traffic Analysis of Highway Rest Areas
METRANS Urban Mobility 04-13

What Can We Learn from CTPP 2000? Neighborhood Attributes

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCD-18-23 Austin L. Brown California Climate Change Target Setting White Paper
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCD-19-40 Austin L. Brown Local Policy for Better Micromobility
METRANS Urban Mobility 03-20 Peter Gordon, James Elliott Moore II

Neighborhood Attributes and Commuting Behavior: Transit Choice

METRANS Urban Mobility 08-03 David Sloane, LaVonna Lewis

(Im)Mobility and Health Disparities: Assessing the Accessibility of Nutrition and Physical Activity Options in an Urban Neighborhood

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-06 Reza Toossi

Assessment of Hybrid Vehicle Control Strategies in Planning Future Metropolitan/Urban Transit Systems

METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-14 Jinwon Kim Estimating the Social Cost of Congestion Using the Bottleneck Model
METRANS Urban Mobility 09-11 Fei Wang

Microscopic Model of Road Capacity and Risk for Highway Systems in Port Based Metropolitan Areas

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCD-18-21 Michael Zhang Get More Out of Variable Speed Limit Control: An Integrated Approach to Manage Traffic Corridors with Multiple Bottlenecks
METRANS Urban Mobility 10-13 Cyrus Shahabi

Stream Traffic Data Archival, Querying, and Analysis with TransDec

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCLA-18-33 Martin Wachs Promises and Projects:  Examining Accountability and Flexibility in LOST Expenditure Plans