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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Urban Mobility 99-11 Genevieve Giuliano

The Role of Public Transit in Mobility of Low Income Households

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-06 Genevieve Giuliano

Accessibility, Location and Employment Center Growth

METRANS Urban Mobility 07-01 Mansour Rahimi

Integrating Inland Ports into the Intermodal Goods Movement System for Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

METRANS Urban Mobility 05-06 Mohammed Forouzesh, Robert Friis

Cambodian Access to Transportation: Impact on Senior Nutrition and Congregate Meal Service Programs

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-18-09 Konstadinos Goulias An Analysis of Accessibilty, Social Interaction, and Activity-Travel Fragmentation in California
METRANS Urban Mobility 10-03 Peter Gordon

Towards Peak-Load Pricing in Metropolitan Areas: Modeling Network Activity

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-08 Christian Redfearn

Reconsidering the Impact of Access to Transit on Local Land Markets

METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-01 Petros Ioannou Optimizing Combined Truck Routing and Parking based on Parking Availability Prediction
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCD-17-17 Susan Pike

Davis Amtrak Station Pilot Project Planning: Potential Solutions to the Davis Amtrak Parking and Access Barriers

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-19-06 Ketan Savla Implications of Information Structure in Control of Urban Traffic Networks
METRANS Urban Mobility 04-15 Fernando Ordonez, Kurt Palmer

Confidence Intervals for Estimated Traffic Demand

METRANS Urban Mobility 07-03 Reza Toossi

Efficiency Improvements by Passive Control and Optimization of the Combustion Process and Engine Cooling

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-13

Distributed Architecture of Real-Time Coordinators in Transit Networks

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-19-08 Andrii Parkhomenko Optimal Density Restrictions in the Los Angeles-Long Beach CSA
METRANS Urban Mobility 04-18 Christian Redfearn

Transit Investment and the Capitalization of Access into Land Values

METRANS Urban Mobility 11-12 Tom O'Brien

Changing Workforce Development Needs for Regional Transit and Transportation Planning Agencies in California

METRANS UTC Urban Mobility 17-05 Phebe Vayanos Socially Optimal Personalized Routing with Preference Learning
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCD-18-25 Susan Pike Davis Amtrak Station Pilot Project Evaluation: Informing Long Term Solutions to the Davis Amtrak Station Access Barriers
METRANS Urban Mobility 00-11 Najmedin Meshkati

Investigatin the Role of Driver Decision Styles in Highway-Rail Crossing Accidents

METRANS Urban Mobility 99-03 Maged Dessouky

A Task Decomposition Model for Dispatchers in Dynamic Scheduling of Demand Responsive Transit Systems