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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Infrastructure 06-10 Jefferey Sellers

Sources of Electoral Support for Transportation Funding

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 06-11 Fernando Ordonez

Better Delivery/Pick Up Routes in the Presence of Uncertainty

METRANS Urban Mobility 06-13 Christine Jocoy

The Mobility of Homeless People and Their Use of Public Transit in Long Beach, CA

METRANS Urban Mobility 06-16 Christian Redfearn

Network Accessibility and the Evolution of Urban Employment

METRANS Urban Mobility 07-01 Mansour Rahimi

Integrating Inland Ports into the Intermodal Goods Movement System for Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

METRANS Infrastructure 07-02

Inter-county Spillovers and Ports and Roads Infrastructure Investment

METRANS Urban Mobility 07-03 Reza Toossi

Efficiency Improvements by Passive Control and Optimization of the Combustion Process and Engine Cooling

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-04 John Heidemann

Sensornets for Remote Vehicle Classification (SRVC)

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-08 Hanh Dam Le Griffin, Tom O'Brien

Impact of Streamlined Chassis Movements and Extended Hours of Operation on Terminal Capacity and Source-Specific Emissions Reduction

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-09 Alice Parker

Solving Metropolitan Transportation Problems Using Autonomous Ground Vehicles with Computer Vision

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-11 Maged Dessouky

Strategies for Effective Rail Track Capacity Usage

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-12 Shui Lam

On Sequencing of Container Deliveries to the Over-the Road Trucks from Yard Stacks

METRANS Infrastructure 07-13 Ken James

Dual use of electric utility rights of way by integration of an urban maglev container corridor and gas insulated transmission lines

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-14 Petros Ioannou

Reconfiguration Strategies for Mitigating the Impacts of Port Disruptions

METRANS Urban Mobility 07-17 Dowell Myers

Impact of Immigration and Assimilation on Public Transit Ridership and Single-Vehicle Commuting to Work

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-19

Adding a Freight Network to an Interstate Input - Output Model: Implications for California

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 07-20 Paul Ronney, Martin Gundersen

Transient Plasma Ignition for Clean, Fuel-Efficient Transportation Vehicle Engines

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 07-21 Tridib Banerjee

Pedestrian Safety of School Children: Toward Improving Walkability of Inner City Neighborhoods

METRANS Infrastructure 07-24 Maria Todorovska, Mihailo Trifunac

Selection of Comprehensive Design Criteria for Highway Bridges in the Vicinity of and Crossing Active Faults

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 08-01 Fokion Egolfopoulos, Theodore Tsotsis

Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Biofuels Used for Transportation