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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability AR 07-05 Hamid Rahai

Assessment of Ring Injectors for Reducing NOx and PM Emissions of Diesel Engines

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 08-23 Grace Reynolds

Safety Concerns Associated with Drug-Using Drivers with Suspended or Revoked Driving Licenses

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 11-05 Martin Krieger

Application Development of Urban Tomography for Transportation Security at a major Los Angeles Transportation Hub (LATH)

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UCD-17-13 Fraser Shilling Automated Analysis of Wildlife-Vehicle Conflict Hotspots Using Carcass and Collision Data
METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 04-09 John Kuprenas

Reduction of Construction Project Risks to Pedestrians

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-01 Seiji S. C. Steimetz, Guy Yamashiro, Steven Yamarik

Accident Rates and Safety Policies for Trucks Serving the San Pedro Bay Ports

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 10-05 Konstantinos Psounis

End-to-End Performance in Vehicular Networks With an Emphasis on Safety and Security Applications

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-05 Martin Krieger, Ramesh Govindan

Thousand Eyes on California’s Streets, Roads, and Infrastructures

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UCLA-18-31 Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris Public Transportation Safety Among University Students
METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-07 Constantinos Sioutas

Toxicological Assessment of Particulate Emissions From the Exhaust of Old and New Model Heavy- and Light-Duty Vehicles

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 08-02 Hossein Hashemi

Low-Cost Object Detection RF CMOS Sensor Development for Active Safety Systems

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-09 I-Hung Khoo

Study of the Noise Pollution at Container Terminals and the Surroundings

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 04-03

Toward Evolution of Collective Sensory Systems for Intelligent Vehicles

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UH-18-41 Qi Chen Ultra-High-Accuracy Digital Terrain Model Mapping for Assessing Roadway Vulnerability to Sea-level Rise and Flooding: An Integrated Analysis of Mobile and Airborne LiDAR Data
METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 10-14 Chin Chang

Development of Fiber Optic Sensor Networks for Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UH-19-70 Suwan Shen Developing an Analytical Framework for Optimizing Disaster Relief Preparedness to Coastal Hazards: A Preliminary Investigation of Factors Affecting Supply Chain Resilience in Hawaii
METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 08-10 Detlof Von Winterfeldt

Estimating Behavioral Changes for Transportation Modes after Terorist Attacks in London, Madrid and Tokyo

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UH-17-01 Wendy Meguro A Primer on Coastal Transportation System Resilience and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise on Oahu Using Living Shorelines and Green Infrastructure
METRANS Monitoring the Ports AR 06-03 Robert Chi, Melody Kiang

A Cargo Security Early Warning System: The Application of Neural Networks to Detect Cargoes with Potential Security Fraud

METRANS Monitoring the Ports AR 06-02 Ken James

Assessing near-dock rail loading and offloading procedures at the Port of LA/LB for application to a container conveyor to ICTFs