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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Urban Mobility 08-03 David Sloane, LaVonna Lewis

(Im)Mobility and Health Disparities: Assessing the Accessibility of Nutrition and Physical Activity Options in an Urban Neighborhood

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCSB-17-05 Konstadinos Goulias Vertical Equity Statewide Pilot, Data Inventory, and Guidelines for Performance Based Planning
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-17-09 Gary Painter Examining Spatial Mismatch Through a New Geography of Opportunity Index
METRANS Urban Mobility 06-13 Christine Jocoy

The Mobility of Homeless People and Their Use of Public Transit in Long Beach, CA

METRANS Urban Mobility 08-07 Christian Redfearn

Revisiting the Empirical Foundations for Measuring the Capitalization of Access to Transit

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-19 Sven Koenig

Using Auctions to Allocate Transportation Requests for Demand Responsive Transit Systems

National Center for Sustainable Transportation Urban Mobility 17-10 Marlon Boarnet Gentrification Near Rail Transit Areas: A Micro-Data Analysis of Moves into Los Angeles Metro Rail Station Areas
METRANS Urban Mobility 03-25 Emelinda Parentela

Development of An Artificial Intelligence Based Traffic Simulation Model Using The Discrete Element Method

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCI-18-13 Wenlong Jin Green driving on a two-way street
METRANS Urban Mobility 08-08 Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Efficient Wireless Communication in Vehicular Environments

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-23

Transportation Forecast for Southern California

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-17-11 James Miles Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Technologies for Their Impact on Traffic Safety and Traffic Congestion
METRANS Urban Mobility 03-24 Tridib Banerjee

Increasing Bus Transit Ridership: Dynamics of Density

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility MT-18-02 Maged Dessouky Cost-Sharing Mechanisms for Ridesharing
METRANS Urban Mobility 06-16 Christian Redfearn

Network Accessibility and the Evolution of Urban Employment

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCI-18-14 Jae Hong Kim Transportation Plans: Their Informational Content and Use Patterns in Southern California
METRANS Urban Mobility 07-17 Dowell Myers

Impact of Immigration and Assimilation on Public Transit Ridership and Single-Vehicle Commuting to Work

METRANS Urban Mobility 10-25 Fei Wang

Optimize Pollutant Emissions through Adaptive Highway Management

Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Urban Mobility UCI-18-15 Jean-Daniel Saphores What Explains Recent Trends in Southern California Bus Ridership?
METRANS Urban Mobility 01-06 Maged Dessouky

Green Transit Scheduler: A Methodology For Jointly Optimizing Cost, Service, And Environmental Performance In Demand-Responsive Transit Scheduling