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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1.1g Genevieve Giuliano

A longitudinal analysis of environmental justice in warehousing location

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1.1f Geraldine Knatz

Evolving models of port cooperation on the US West Coast

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1.1e Petronille Reme-Harnay, Cecilia Cruz, Laetitia Dablanc

Subcontracting in the Urban Freight Industry

MetroFreight Sustainable Urban Freight 1.1d Sangbeom Seo, Seungju Jeong , Chang-Jin Ahn

Developing a Parcel Freight O-D and Identifying Parcel Freight Determinants for Seoul Metropolitan Area

MetroFreight Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 1.1c Adrien Beziat, Martin Koning, Laetitia Dablanc

Congestion Caused by Urban Freight: Tensions Between the Demand of Freight Operations and the Supply of Infrastructure

MetroFreight Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 1.1b David King 1.1b Understanding Demand for Curb Space and Access for New York City Deliveries.
METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 1-3a Shui Lam Tracking Truck Flows with Programmable Mobile Devices for Drayage Efficiency Analysis
National Center for Sustainable Transportation Sustainable Urban Freight 1-2a Petros Ioannou Modeling for Local Impact Analysis
METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 1-1b Genevieve Giuliano The Freight Landscape: Using Secondary Data Sources to Describe Metropolitan Freight Flows
METRANS UTC Integrated Freight and Passenger Systems 1-1a Marlon Boarnet Urban Spatial Structure, Employment Sub-Centers, and Passenger and Freight Travel
METRANS Urban Mobility 09-30 Gary Painter

Spatial Mismatch and Transit Choice among Immigrants

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 09-29

Risks and Recoveries from Extreme Disruptions in Freight Transportation System in a Megacity: Case Study for the Greater Los Angeles Area

METRANS Infrastructure 09-26 Cyrus Shahabi

A Geospatial Framework for Dynamic Route Planning Using Congestion Prediction in Transportation Systems

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-23

Transportation Forecast for Southern California

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-21 Lisa Schweitzer

No-Notice Evacuations, Urban Form, and Environmental Injustice: An Exploratory Study

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-19 Sven Koenig

Using Auctions to Allocate Transportation Requests for Demand Responsive Transit Systems

METRANS Infrastructure 09-17 Suya You, Ulrich Neumann

Rapid Extraction and Updating Road Network to Caltrans Database

METRANS Infrastructure 09-13 Chin Chang

Fiber-Optic Smart Structures for Monitoring and Managing the Health of Transportation Infrastructures

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-11 Fei Wang

Microscopic Model of Road Capacity and Risk for Highway Systems in Port Based Metropolitan Areas

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-09 I-Hung Khoo

Study of the Noise Pollution at Container Terminals and the Surroundings