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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 08-11 Burkhard Englert

XML Based Supply Chain Integration at the LA / LB Ports

METRANS Urban Mobility 08-12 Konstantinos Psounis

Efficient Routing for Safety Applications in Vehicular Networks

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 08-13 Darin Goldstein

Emergency Traffic Management Tool for the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Area

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 08-17

Labor Markets in Good Movement Occupations in Southern California

METRANS Infrastructure 08-19 Sami Masri, Roger Ghanem

Identification and Evaluation of Major Issues Involving the Impact of Global Climate Change on Transportation Systems

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 08-22 Hamid Rahai, Bei Lu

Development of a Portable Remote Sensing System for Measurement of Diesel Emissions from Passing Diesel Trucks

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 08-23 Grace Reynolds

Safety Concerns Associated with Drug-Using Drivers with Suspended or Revoked Driving Licenses

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-01 Seiji S. C. Steimetz, Guy Yamashiro, Steven Yamarik

Accident Rates and Safety Policies for Trucks Serving the San Pedro Bay Ports

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-05 Martin Krieger, Ramesh Govindan

Thousand Eyes on California’s Streets, Roads, and Infrastructures

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-07 Constantinos Sioutas

Toxicological Assessment of Particulate Emissions From the Exhaust of Old and New Model Heavy- and Light-Duty Vehicles

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-09 I-Hung Khoo

Study of the Noise Pollution at Container Terminals and the Surroundings

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-11 Fei Wang

Microscopic Model of Road Capacity and Risk for Highway Systems in Port Based Metropolitan Areas

METRANS Infrastructure 09-13 Chin Chang

Fiber-Optic Smart Structures for Monitoring and Managing the Health of Transportation Infrastructures

METRANS Infrastructure 09-17 Suya You, Ulrich Neumann

Rapid Extraction and Updating Road Network to Caltrans Database

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-19 Sven Koenig

Using Auctions to Allocate Transportation Requests for Demand Responsive Transit Systems

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 09-21 Lisa Schweitzer

No-Notice Evacuations, Urban Form, and Environmental Injustice: An Exploratory Study

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-23

Transportation Forecast for Southern California

METRANS Infrastructure 09-26 Cyrus Shahabi

A Geospatial Framework for Dynamic Route Planning Using Congestion Prediction in Transportation Systems

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 09-29

Risks and Recoveries from Extreme Disruptions in Freight Transportation System in a Megacity: Case Study for the Greater Los Angeles Area

METRANS Urban Mobility 09-30 Gary Painter

Spatial Mismatch and Transit Choice among Immigrants