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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
METRANS Infrastructure 03-06 Fernando Ordonez

Robust Investment Decisions for Highway Capacity

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 03-07 Randolph Hall

Freight Routing and Containerization in a Package Network that Accounts for Sortation Constraints and Costs

METRANS Urban Mobility 03-13 Reza Toossi

Hydrogen Storage System For Transportation Applications

METRANS Infrastructure 03-17 Erik Johnson

Innovative Bridge Structural Health Monitoring Using Variable Stiffness and Damping Devices

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 03-18 Petros Ioannou

Cooperative Optimum Time Window Generation for Cargo Delivery/Pick Up With Application to Container Terminals

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 03-19

Measuring California's Role in Supporting Interstate Goods Movement: Comprehensive Assessment of Interstate Freight Flows

METRANS Urban Mobility 03-20 Peter Gordon, James Elliott Moore II

Neighborhood Attributes and Commuting Behavior: Transit Choice

METRANS Infrastructure 03-23 James Elliott Moore II

Improved Modeling of Network Transportation Flows

METRANS Urban Mobility 03-24 Tridib Banerjee

Increasing Bus Transit Ridership: Dynamics of Density

METRANS Urban Mobility 03-25 Emelinda Parentela

Development of An Artificial Intelligence Based Traffic Simulation Model Using The Discrete Element Method

METRANS Infrastructure 03-27 Maria Todorovska, Mihailo Trifunac

Methodology for Probalistic Assessment of Permanent Ground Displacement Across Earthquake Faults for the Transportation System

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 04-03

Toward Evolution of Collective Sensory Systems for Intelligent Vehicles

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 04-04 Hanh Dam Le Griffin

Landside Surface Transportation Impact of Short Sea Shipping in Southern California

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 04-05 Petros Ioannou

Development of Methods for Handling Empty Containers with Applications in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Area

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 04-06 Genevieve Giuliano, Tom O'Brien

Evaluation of the Terminal Gate Appointment Systems at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 04-08 John Heidemann

SURE-SE: Sensors for Unexpected Roadway Events: Simulation and Evaluation

METRANS Safety, Security, & Vulnerability 04-09 John Kuprenas

Reduction of Construction Project Risks to Pedestrians

METRANS Urban Mobility 04-13

What Can We Learn from CTPP 2000? Neighborhood Attributes

METRANS Urban Mobility 04-15 Fernando Ordonez, Kurt Palmer

Confidence Intervals for Estimated Traffic Demand

METRANS Urban Mobility 04-18 Christian Redfearn

Transit Investment and the Capitalization of Access into Land Values