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The METRANS Transportation Center has been conducting research since 1998. The table below includes all completed and current research projects. Research prior to 2012 was organized around four topic areas:  goods movement and international trade, mobility of urban populations, infrastructure, and safety, security and vulnerability.  These topic areas are preserved in the table. The research project database can be searched via keyword, topic area, year, or center. Click on the title for a description of the project. Final reports may also be downloaded from the table. 

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Center Topic Area Proj # PI Name Research Project
Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC Safety, Security, & Vulnerability UH-17-01 Wendy Meguro A Primer on Coastal Transportation System Resilience and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise on Oahu Using Living Shorelines and Green Infrastructure
METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 00-03 Randolph Hall

Alternative Access and Locations for Air Cargo

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 00-05 Emelinda Parentela

Risk Modeling for Commercial Goods Transport

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-06 Reza Toossi

Assessment of Hybrid Vehicle Control Strategies in Planning Future Metropolitan/Urban Transit Systems

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-07 Reza Toossi

Adsorption Air-Conditioning for Containership and Vehicles

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-08 Genevieve Giuliano

Travel Patterns for the Elderly

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-11 Najmedin Meshkati

Investigatin the Role of Driver Decision Styles in Highway-Rail Crossing Accidents

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-12 Tridib Banerjee

Freeway Bus Station Area Development: Critical Evaluation and Design Guidelines

METRANS Urban Mobility 00-13

Distributed Architecture of Real-Time Coordinators in Transit Networks

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 00-15 Petros Ioannou

Dynamic Optimization of Cargo Movement by Trucks in Metropolitan Area with Adjacent Ports

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 00-16

Design and Optimization of a Conceptual Automated Yard Using Overhead Grid Rail System

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 00-17 Joseph Magaddino

Integrated Approach To Managing Local Container Traffic Growth in the Long Beach-Los Angeles Port Complex

METRANS Urban Mobility 01-02 Hamid Rahai

Reducing Pollutants from Mobile Sources

METRANS Infrastructure 01-03 Hong Leung Wong

Analysis of Vibrations and Infrastructure Deterioration Caused by High-Speed Rail Transit

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 01-05 Hanh Dam Le Griffin

Reengineering the Logistics of Empty Cargo Containers in the SCAG Region

METRANS Urban Mobility 01-06 Maged Dessouky

Green Transit Scheduler: A Methodology For Jointly Optimizing Cost, Service, And Environmental Performance In Demand-Responsive Transit Scheduling

METRANS Infrastructure 01-10 Erik Johnson

Smart Damping for Monitoring the Health of Bridge Structures

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 01-14 Peter Gordon

Developing and Testing Methodologies for the Evaluation of Highway Widening Plans to Facilitate Freight Flows Throughout a Major Metropolitan Area

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 01-16 Petros Ioannou

Automated Container Transport System between Inland Port and Terminals

METRANS Goods Movement & International Trade 03-01 Maged Dessouky

A Novel Approach to Routing and Dispatching Trucks Based on Partial Information in a Dynamic Environment