Point/Counter Point 2012 Summary Report

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The Future of the Southern California Goods Movement
Will We Survive or Thrive in 2025?

2012 Point/Counterpoint Proceedings

Summary of Introductory Comments

Call to Order:  Marianne Venieris, CSULB/CITT

Marianne Venieris, Executive Director of the Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and Deputy Director of the METRANS Transportation Center, welcomed all participants and attendees to the forum.  She expressed gratitude for those attending because of the day’s busy schedule of events in the area.  Ms. Venieris stated that the purpose of our Point/Counterpoint (P/CP) is to explore, in a neutral setting, opposing or different perspectives on an important trade-related issue and encourage a dialogue  that is non- combative ,  informative,  and educational.  CITT’s goal is not to end up with a winner or loser - as one might expect from a traditional Point Counterpoint debate- rather, the goal is to make the audience the winner by being better informed.    She then proposed the 2012 Counterpoint question: “Are we ready or not to accommodate the projected growth in containerized cargo?”

Ms. Venieris recognized the CITT Policy and Steering Committee for their contributions to the 2012 P/CP forum and also for their contributions during  the  monthly meetings. She also asked the students from CSULB and USC to stand and be recognized.  Ms. Venieris thanked 30 Caltrans employees in attendance as well.  There was a very special welcome to a delegation of 55 individuals organized by the World Trade Center Association, San Diego.  The WTCSD has been brought delegations to five previous P/CP and Town Halls...more