Urban Freight Curriculum Database

Year Primary Author Secondary Author Source Target Audience Media Type
2004 Hensher, David A. Puckett, S. TRB - TRID Professional Development, Community Education, Practitioners, General Public, Private Sector, Public Sector, Researchers, Graduates, Associates Others

Frieght Distribution in Urban Areas: The Role of Supply Chain Alliances in Addressing the Challenge of Traffic Congestion for City Logistics

Despite the recent recognition of the contribution of freight transportation to the performance of urban areas under the rubric of city logistics, the authors see a void in the study of how the stakeholders in the supply chain associated with the... Read More
1998 Hensher, David A. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy Graduates, Bachelors, Researchers, Private Sector, Practitioners, Public Sector Academic Paper

Establishing a Fare Elasticity Regime for Urban Passenger Transport