The METRANS-sponsored CITT State of the Trade and Transportation Industry Town Hall meeting often includes a video presentation highlighting the themes to be discussed. These are a visual reminder of the relationship between goods movement and the topic at hand. The CSULB Advanced Media Production Center produces these videos which are valuable learning tools. They have been used as an independent informational resource by governmental agencies, industry, and community groups.

Most of the videos are available for purchase and can be ordered in DVD format ($25). The price includes shipping.

To order, contact us by e-mail or phone: Alix Traver or 562 985-2876.

Videos currently available include:

Efficiency and Competitiveness: Securing Cargo and Jobs (2013)

The Future of Southern California Goods Movement: Will We Survive or Thrive in 2025? (2012)

This video set the stage for the 2012 Point/Counterpoint forum held on March 28, 2012.

Panama Canal Expansion: The Battle for Jobs and Cargo (2010, 19:00 minutes)

This video was presented at the inaugural CITT Point/Counterpoint held October 6, 2010.  It is a pictorial summary of the history and relevance of the Panama Canal.

The Decade Ahead: Jobs, Cargo, and Competition (2009, 13 minutes)

This video was presented at the 10th CITT Town Hall. It is a pictorial summary of trends and issues that have impacted trade through Southern California ports.

Port Security: Guarding America's Front Door (2007, 16 minutes)

Featured in the 9th Town Hall, this is a pictorial summary of cargo security measures and initiatives that have been implemented since 9-11.

Evolving Goods Movement Solutions: Balancing the Economy and the Environment (2006, 15 minutes)

This video summarizes improved operational efficiency in the LA/LB Harbors and highlight major issues that are still unresolved.

Lessons Learned from the 2004 Peak Season Crisis: Causes, Impacts, Solutions (2005, 15 minutes)

What set the stage for the unprecedented volumes of cargo moved through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach during the summer and fall of 2004? What was the response of industry stakeholders? What adjustments are being made for the future?

Quality of Life and Port Operations: Challenges, Successes and the Future (2004, 12 minutes)

What are the trends in both port operations and environmental quality? This video is a pictorial summary of environmental concerns relative to port operations, industry and community concerns, and active and proposed mitigation programs.

Perspectives on Trade and Infrastructure in California (2003)

This video set the stage for the 5th Annual State of the Trade and Transportation Industry Town Hall Meeting titled: “What’s in it for Me? Collaborative Strategies for New Transportation Infrastructure in California."

A Legacy of Partnerships: The Challenge of the Waterfront in the New Century (2000)

The video presentation illustrates how under the Mechanization and Modernization (M&M) contract the maritime industry came together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect to shape the future. It further explores how concepts and tenets of the contract could be viewed as a guideline for dealing with the introduction of new waterfront technologies in the 21st century and could serve as a benchmark for the development of this century’s industry legacy.

The DVD features interviews with individuals who offer personal knowledge and insight into 1) the pivotal figures of Harry Bridges of the ILWU and Paul St. Sure of the PMA, 2) the experiences concerning the events leading up to the adoption of the M&M Agreement, and 3) its consequences.