Talking Freight Webinar: Freight Shipments and the Changing Last Mile

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Freight shipments often travel hundreds or thousands of miles across state or national borders or through marine ports or airports to get from their point of production or extraction to the businesses or consumers who purchased the goods.  However, the most critical portion of many supply chain shipments is the last mile, when the finished goods are delivered to the businesses selling the products or the consumers purchasing the products.  Last mile shipments often take place in urban areas, and frequently face an array of challenges, including congestion, parking and/or loading and unloading limitations, conflicts with motorized and non-motorized passenger transportation needs, and in some cases limited delivery windows.  The growth of e-commerce has created additional challenges, as many shipments need to be delivered to locations that typically do not provide or have needed to provide commercial parking.  The logistics associated with the last mile of many freight shipments are changing, and adding additional complexity to many freight carriers’ supply chains.  Many retailers and municipal governments, in addition to freight carriers, are facing increasing needs to address these growing last mile freight delivery issues.

This webinar will discuss the changing issues and needs associated with the last mile of freight shipments, and highlight some of the research conducted and initiatives undertaken to examine and address urban freight deliveries and other last mile challenges.

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Topics and Presenters:

Freight Shipments and the Changing Last Mile — Overview
This presentation will review the challenges and potential opportunities both freight carriers and governments are facing in addressing and accommodating changes to the last mile of freight shipments.
SPEAKER: Anne Strauss-Wieder, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

Accommodating Freight Deliveries and Bicycle Networks in an Urban Environment
This presentation will examine some of the real-world challenges associated with truck parking and accommodating freight delivery vehicles and bicyclists in urban areas.
SPEAKER: Alison Conway, City College of New York

Using Technology and Green Fleets to Enhance Last Mile Shipments
This presentation will discuss current efforts in New York City to address local freight needs by working with public and private sector stakeholders to implement best practices, using technology to manage truck traffic, and promoting the use of more environmentally-friendly truck fleets.
SPEAKER: Stacey Hodge, New York City DOT

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