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Goods Movement Timeline

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Welcome to the METRANS Goods Movement Timeline. This is a searchable timeline of activities tied to goods movement, logistics and international trade based upon items from the popular press.

Given our location and the importance of this region as an international trade gateway, many of the entries pertain to Southern California. We do however draw from state and national press as well. Some articles' links may have expired, or you may have to pay a fee or register on the Web site where they originally appeared to access the complete article. Our goal however is to provide the researcher with enough information to track significant events over time as they have occurred in key areas like legislation, finance, and security.

This timeline grew out of timelines initially developed for METRANS research projects in the area of goods movement. Earlier entries (before 2005) were therefore not prepared with a searchable database in mind and will be less detailed. We hope, however, that they remain a useful resource.

Port of Los Angeles Stops Short of 24-Hour Operations, Unlike Long Beach

Gateway's director says truckers, other operators must first ramp up their overnight, weekend work as inbound containers swamp U.S. supply chains.

Port of Long Beach: Pier T terminal begins pilot program for 24-hour cargo pickup

Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours in a new pilot program to widen access and speed deliveries amid the ongoing cargo surge.


Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours in a new pilot program to widen access and speed deliveries amid the ongoing cargo surge.

Supply chain crunch offers opportunity for Seattle

The supply chain is now as visible as the dozen container ships anchored in Puget Sound last week, waiting for terminal space to unload their cargo, or the stacks of shipping containers some of them loaded with goods piling up at the ports of Tacoma and Seattle. With the holiday season around the corner, things are expected to get worse before they get better. But these short-term challenges can lead to long-term opportunities for the region.

Do your holiday shopping now, toy executive says, as port congestion continues in LA, Long Beach

A surge in cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has caused logistical challenges that could cause shortages ahead of the holidays.

Bill aims to improve work conditions for California warehouse employees

A bill that aims to protect California warehouse workers from claims of abusive quota systems has landed on the governor's desk.

World-first supply-chain LTE/5G network builds visibility amid congestion meltdown

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) in August 2021 announced a partnership with QuayChain Technologies to operate what they describe as the world's first private network to be used solely for the supply chain.

How 100 electric trucks could help clean up the ports' logistics emissions

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is leading a coalition to deploy 100 battery-electric trucks across California, a move aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting fuel and maintenance costs.

Two Shipping Companies Take Baby Steps Into Zero Emissions Future

Maersk moves toward bio-ethanol, and a Norwegian container ship uses batteries.

Peterbilt Delivers Model 579EVs to Shippers Transport Express

Peterbilt Motors Company, a leader in battery-electric commercial vehicles, today announced the delivery of ten Model 579EVs to Shippers Transport Express for immediate use as part of their drayage operations at the Port of Oakland. Five additional Model 579EVs are scheduled to be put into service as part of their Port of Long Beach drayage operations in November 2021.

AB 701 will do more harm than good

Assembly Bill 701 is one of these overly broad bills that will end up doing more harm than good. The purported aim of AB 701 is to protect workers from productivity quotas in certain warehouses that are alleged to be unreasonable, but in doing so it heaps substantial new liability on all warehouse employers, creates duplicative rules that will complicate the process of getting products to businesses and consumers, and raises prices on everything we buy and use.

Port of Oakland tests drayage with Class 8 Peterbilt electric trucks

$1.7 million infrastructure makes Shippers Transport Express demonstration feasible.

Construction of the 'greenest terminal on the planet' wraps at the Port of Long Beach

The third and final phase of one of the world's greenest and most technologically advanced cargo facilities, the Long Beach Container Terminal at Middle Harbor, has been completed, Port of Long Beach officials announced Friday.

Growing numbers of teens see trucking as attractive career

High school students across the country are experiencing trucking firsthand through the efforts of the Next Generation in Trucking Association (NGT), a nonprofit education accelerator with the goal of promoting CDL driver and diesel technician programs in high schools and community and technical colleges across the United States. Its mission: 'students, teachers, schools, business professionals, partners, and sponsors.

Trucker survey in Port of LA feeds concern for 'clean truck' fee impact on drivers, harbor commissioner says

A much-anticipated truck driver demographics survey carried out by the Port of Los Angeles was released on Thursday, Aug. 19, showing what some harbor commissioners say they fear that many of the drivers would be financially harmed if cargo owners pass down the costs of a new cargo fee set to go into place soon.

Supply Chain Challenges Likely to Remain Well Into 2022

As retailers ramp up inventory for a fast-approaching holiday shopping season, experts worry that an already overextended domestic supply chain will be further tested amid overseas ports? struggles with the COVID-19 delta variant, rising shipping prices and trucking's persistent and growing driver shortage.

Infrastructure Bill: From There to Where?

The Senate managed on Aug. 10 to pass in bipartisan fashion a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. But passing a similar companion bill in the House is looking to be anything but smooth and fast. That's because the moderate and liberal wings of the Democratic Party are not of the same mind on how and when an infrastructure bill should move forward in the House.

Port of LA wait times climb as officials keep an eye on how COVID-19 affects China ports

Wait times for ships are again on the upswing, which is expected to land up to 90% of incoming cargo traffic in the harbor's "parking lot" awaiting processing in August.

China's COVID port terminal shutdown raises fear of worldwide shipping slowdown

The Port of Los Angeles, which saw its volumes dip because of a June COVID outbreak at the Yantian port in China, is bracing for another potential decline because of the latest shutdown at the Ningbo-Zhoushan port in China, a spokesman said. A major terminal at Ningbo-Zhoushan, the world's third-busiest port, was closed Wednesday after a worker tested positive for the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

California truckers petition U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate AB5

The California Truckers Association (CTA) has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), which some argue has nearly eliminated the gig worker economy in the state.